Screen Mesh

Screed mesh is a welded mesh panel, made from hot dip galvanized wire. It is used for the reinforcement of floor screeds. The panels are 2000 mm long by 1000 mm width.

1.1. Definitions:
- Nominal diameter(d): The diameter to indicate the wire
- Real diameter:: The diameter obtained from the average of 2 checks taken
 on the same section of wire by a micrometer with an accuracy of 0.01 mm
- Mesh size: distance between the centre of wires

1.2. Normative references:

  • EN 10218-2: Steel wire and wire products – General, Part 2: Wire dimensions and tolerances.
  • EN 10244-2:Steel wire and wire products - Non-ferrous metallic coatings on steel wire - Part 2: Zinc or zinc-alloy coatings on steel wire

       2. RAW MATERIALS.
2.1. Wire Rod : see table 1
TAB 1.Chemical composition




< 0.10
< 0.30
< 0.60
< 0.035
< 0.035

According to EN 10016 – 2 C9D
2.2 Zinc: min. 99.985 % according to EN 1179                  

3.1. Wire diameter and tolerances: mm 1,70 ± 0.04
The tolerance is in accordance with EN 10218-2.
Vertical and horizontal wire diameters are the same.
3.2. Tensile strength of the wire
Vertical and horizontal wires: 400 to 550 N/mm².
Other tensile strengths are possible in agreement between buyer and seller.
3.3. Number of wires per panel
37 cross wires, 17 line wires
3.4. Mesh spacing and tolerances: (see also fig.1)
• Between vertical wires:             o 55 ± 3 mm
• Between horizontal wires:         o First and last mesh: 110 ± 3 mm         o Meshes in between: 55 ± 3 mm

3.5. Welding strength
The average weld shear strength of 4 welds taken at random shall not be less than 50%
of the breaking strength of the vertical wire (in accordance with EN 10223-7).
3.6. Overhangs
The overhang of the horizontal and vertical wires shall be not more than 2 mm sharp burrs that can cause injuries during manual handling of the panels, shall be avoided.
3.7. Flatness
Flatness is assessed by measuring maximum lift in any point, when the panel is lying on a flat surface. Tolerance: maximum 1,5 % of the panel length or panel width. For a panel 1000 x 2000: maximum allowed lift is 30 mm.
3.8. Weight and dimensions
- Weight:                  1.28 kg
- Dimensions:          ° Width 1000 ± 5 mm                 ° Height 2000 ± 5 mm
3.9. Coating
The wires are hot dip ordinary galvanized with a minimum Zn quantity of 30 g/m².

The panels are delivered on pallets, protected by stretch foil to form a firm unit and to protect against rust and damages. (or other packaging in agreement with the supplier). 400 panels per unit. Wooden pallet at the bottom and at the top with at least 3 straps.

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