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Wire Mesh produced by Jiu-long Metal Wire Mesh Corporation includes Hardware Cloth Series Wire Mesh, mainly galvanized square wire mesh, mild steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh and mosquito wire netting; Fencing Wire Mesh Series including welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh and diamond wire mesh; Mild Steel Wire Products.

Hardware Cloth is available with a wide range of metal materials, ideal for sifting, filtering, isolating and other general domestic and industrial use. Hardware Cloth series wire mesh usually refers to square hole wire mesh in plain weave, including Galvanized Iron Square Mesh, Mild Steel Wire Cloth, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and various Mosquito Wire Netting.Welded Wire Mesh, Diamond Wire Mesh and Hexagonal Wire Mesh mainly serve to fencing use for domestic and industrial use.Mild Steel Wire includes black iron wire, PVC coated steel wire, galvanized mild steel wire, tie wire and spring steel wire (S wire) which find extensive use in building, agricultural plants, automobiles and other industrial use.

For last 10 years, Jiu-long Wire Mesh Corporation is dealing in various types of hardware wire cloth and other wire and mesh products for various applications. Situated at Anping, the well-known Land of Wire Mesh in China, Jiu-long is equipped with the latest machinery for the manufacture and inspection of wire mesh products. We also enjoy rich experienced employees and experts to cater to customers’ individual needs.

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