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Euro Fence



We offers various euro fences, light or heavy type.
Made of high quality wire, the welded fence panel is galvanized or pvc coated offering good resistance to corrosion and ultra violet radiation.

The panels and posts are jointed together with the special plastic clamps or strong stainless steel wire clamps. They are easy to be installed and offer firm structure for fencing uses.


Product Technique Functlon:

Examination item

Function index sigh

Performance standard

The thin degree


GB/T 6554

The thickness of coated


GB/T 6554

The strength of concussion


ASTMD 2794

The function of winding


GB/T 6742

Adhesive force


GB/T 9286

The rate of rupture and protraction


GB/T 1040

Manpower accelerating ageing

no apparent change

GB/T 9344

chemical media soaking resistance(168h 23±2℃)10%HCL 10%NaC

no apparent change

GB/T 11547



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